Monday, February 15, 2016

My First Being Nudist of The Season

Today is 30 degrees below zero. It’s too cold to go outside. I just got my nudist baby out of storage today and go on romantic nudist dating at home. My first nudist of this season.
I couldn't stop smiling when we are ready to nude to together.

I am a woman who likes to be nudist. I live in walnut, a very special city. My naturist philosophy is that Event + Reaction = Outcome. It doesn't matter what people say to us, it doesn't matter what happens to us, and it doesn't matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, because we have the power, within ourselves, to determine our reaction to events. From this decision, we can determine what outcome will result. This freedom can never be taken away from us however most of us unconsciously choose, in many ways every day, to give it away. Choose to hold on to your freedom today, and get the outcomes you desire!

I love the naturist life, naked and freedom life. Life is just better with naked. Last year, I joined a nudist dating site which can help nudist lovers find fun, love and nudistpartners. I love nudist  dating site as a partner. We know each other, establish relationship and talk about our interests, or to help each other. Make us feel at home.

I have a lot of nudistfriends now. Sometimes, we have fun and spend spare time on being naked together. I love my nudist life. And, of course, we welcome new nudist partners to join nudist dating site. Let us be naked!


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